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Altium Designer Advanced Level Training course teaches in-depth topics to advance the student’s knowledge of Altium Designer Schematic Capture and PCB Layout tools. The material covered will enable students to use more complex Altium Designer capabilities such as pin swapping and length tuning. Lectures, demonstrations and more than 20 hands-on exercises are used to explain and reinforce these advanced techniques. Students will receive an "Altium Training Certificate" upon successful completion of this course.


Students who complete this class will be able to use more powerful Altium Designer features to improve their board layouts and dramatically reduce design time.


Experienced Altium users are ideally suited for this course as the basics are only briefly reviewed before diving into more challenging topics such as queries with design rules, differential pair routing and customizing project templates.

Next Course: 08/10/2018


  1. Creating classes from Schematic
  2. Queries with Design rule
  3. Clearance Checking in 3D
  4. Diffential pair routing
  5. Re-routing
  6. Lengh tuning routing
  7. Active route
  8. High Speed design with xSignal
  9. Back Drill
  10. Via Stitching
  11. Teardrops
  12. Creating multiple layer stack
  13. Rigid-Flex Design.
  14. Snippets
  15. Multi-Channel Design
  16. Board Level annotation
  17. Variant
  18. Pin Swapping
  19. Project template
  20. Defining board shap from 3D
  21. Testpoint
  22. Embedded board array
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