Altium Designer 20 - Key Features Sneak Peek
See What's New Altium Designer 20

Are you ready to meet the next generation of Easy, Modern, and Powerful PCB design? Watch this live webinar to get an exclusive sneak peek of our upcoming release, Altium Designer 20!

This specific release represents over 4 years of innovation and development in the making and we can't wait to showcase all of the new capabilities and enhancements it brings in the coming week. Thanks to the invaluable feedback from our user community and the time and dedication of our R&D teams, we've been able to unlock new possibilities that will take your design experience to the next level.

With Altium Designer 20, anything is possible. No design is out of your reach.


Development history

User requested fixes and functionalities

Schematic enhancements

New routing capabilities

New design rules

Learn more Altium Designer 20 at PCB GraphTech website.

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See What's New Altium Designer 20