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Tại sao chọn SOLIDWORKS Simulation?

SOLIDWORKS Simulation là một thuật toán dễ dàng sử dụng các công cụ phân tích cấu trúc sử dụng phương pháp Phân tích phần tử hữu hạn (FEA) để dự đoán hành vi vật lý thực tế của sản phẩm bằng cách thử nghiệm hầu hết các mô hình CAD. Cung cấp các thuật toán phân tích tuyến tính, phi tuyến tính và khả năng phân tích động.

Các Tính Năng Của SOLIDWORKS Simulation

  • Fully embedded in SOLIDWORKS for ease of use and data integrity.

  • Supports SOLIDWORKS materials and configurations for easy analysis setup.

  • Same user interface as SOLIDWORKS (toolbars, menus, and context-sensitive right-click menus). SOLIDWORKS users can get up to speed rapidly with SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Replace description with: In a design study, the parameters of the SOLIDWORKS models (CAD dimensions) and simulation setup (materials, loadings, and fixtures) can be varied to assess the impact of parameter change on the model and perform a wide-range of “what if” analyses. 

Estimate high cycle fatigue life of components subjected to multiple varying loads where the peak stress is below the material yield stress. Cumulative damage theory is used to predict locations and cycles to failure.

Time-based motion analysis is a rigid body kinematic and dynamic motion tool used to calculate velocities, accelerations and movements of an assembly under operational loads.

In addition, designers and engineers can determine assembly power requirements together with spring and damper effects. With the motion analysis complete, the component body and connection loads can be included in a linear analysis for a complete structural investigation.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation includes solid, shell, and beam element formulation.

Professional and Premium:

  • 2D Simplification

  • Plane Stress

  • Plane Strain

  • Axisymmetric

  • Sub-Modelling

  • Fixtures to prescribe Degrees of Freedom

  • Force, pressure, and remote structural loads

  • Temperature loading

  • Import Pressure and Thermal Loads from SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

  • Professional and Premium: Load Case Manager evaluates the effects of various load combinations on your model

  • Bonded, No Penetration and Shrink Fit contact

  • Node-to-node, node-to-surface and surface-to-surface contact

  • Virtual Wall condition

  • Self-contact

  • Connectors: bolt, spring, pin, elastic support, and bearing

  • Connectors Safety Check

Professional and Premium:

  • Edge Weld

  • Thermal contact resistance condition

  • Insulated condition

  • Edge and spot weld connector

SOLIDWORKS Simulation includes parallel computing on multiple cores and batch run.

Premium: Off-load computing

Extensive post-processing displays and quantitative result extraction.

Overlay Simulation results onto SOLIDWORKS CAD graphics. 

Online help, knowledge base and embedded product tutorials.

  • Customizable Simulation report

  • eDrawings of Simulation results

Solves part and assembly structural analysis problems for stress, strain, displacements, and Factors of Safety (FOS). Typical analysis assumes static loading, elastic linear materials, and small displacements. 

SW SIM Premium: Composite materials are added for to Static studies.  Component setup includes ply orientation and sandwich definition. Results include ply failure index as well as stress and deflections.

Solve steady-state and transient thermal problems for temperature, temperature gradient, and heat flux.

Thermal analysis results can be imported as loads into Static Studies.

Frequency Studies determine a product’s natural modes of vibration which is important for products that experience vibration in their working environment.

Buckling failure mode for long and slender components is by collapse at a load below material yield stress. The buckling study predicts the components buckling load factor.

The Pressure Vessel Study calculates Linearized stress, key for safe pressure design.

Enables users to discover new minimal material design alternatives under linear elastic static loading while still meeting component stress, stiffness and vibrational requirements.

Builds upon the Frequency Study to calculate the stresses due to forcing vibrations. Calculates the effects of dynamic loads, impact or shock loading for linear elastic materials. 

Study types are:

  • Modal Time History Analysis

  • Harmonic Analysis

  • Random Vibration Analysis

  • Response Spectrum Analysis

Non-Linear Analysis enables users to analyze complex material behavior, such as post-yield metals, rubbers, and plastics, as well as account for large deflections and sliding contact.

The complex material models in Non-Linear Static Studies can be used to calculate permanent deformation and residual stresses due to excessive loads, as well as predict performance for components, such as springs and clip fasteners.

Non-Linear Dynamic Study accounts for the effect of real-time varying loads. In addition to solving non-linear static problems, Non-Linear Dynamic Studies can solve impact problems.

Phiên Bản SOLIDWORKS Simulation Nào Sẽ Phù Hợp Với Bạn?

SOLIDWORKS Simulation     Standard

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard là một thuật toán dễ dàng sử dụng các công cụ phân tích cấu trúc sử dụng phương pháp Phân tích phần tử hữu hạn (FEA) để dự đoán hành vi vật lý thực tế của sản phẩm bằng cách thử nghiệm hầu hết các mô hình CAD. Cung cấp các thuật toán phân tích tuyến tính, phi tuyến tính và khả năng phân tích động. Môi trường thử nghiệm ảo cho tuyến tính tĩnh, chuyển động dựa trên thời gian, và mô phỏng mỏi chu kỳ cao. Nó cung cấp một phương pháp tiếp cận kỹ thuật đồng thời, giúp bạn biết nếu sản phẩm của bạn sẽ hoạt động đúng và thời gian sẽ kéo dài trong suốt quá trình thiết kế.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional: cho phép bạn tối ưu hóa thiết kế của mình, xác định độ bền cơ học của sản phẩm, độ bền sản phẩm, cấu trúc liên kết, tần số tự nhiên và truyền nhiệt thử nghiệm cũng như sự mất ổn định về xung đột. Nó cũng có thể thực hiện đồng thời đa vật lý tuần tự.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation     Premium

 SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium cho phép bạn đánh giá hiệu quả thiết kế của bạn cho phản ứng phi tuyến và động, tải động và vật liệu composite. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium bao gồm ba nghiên cứu nâng cao: Phi tuyến tính, tĩnh, phi tuyến tính và động tuyến tính. 

So Sánh Tính Năng Giữa Các Phiên Bản SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Bạn cần một so sánh chi tiết giữa các phiên bản SOLIDWORKS Simulation? Xem tài liệu dưới đây nhé!

Có Gì Mới Trong SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020?



SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION 2020 adds a new tool called SIMULATION Evaluator that provides users a single location to verify and update or re-attach simulation results, check simulation study setup, verify materials and mesh. This single location provides feedback needed to move forward with confidence. Additionally, several User Interface enhancements in SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION 2020 make it easier to navigate the study setup, letting you get your study ready quickly.  Also new, studies that are no longer needed or corrupt can be deleted without loading, saving significant time on large, non-linear or dynamic studies.


What's New in SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION 2020 - Distributed Coupling

Bolt and pin connectors are widely used in design. Analysis of components that are connected with this method now have a new option in SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION 2020.  Leveraging technology from SIMULIA, the load distribution between components through these connector types can be calculated using a more refined, distributed coupling option.  This option provides more accurate stress distribution through the connector, eliminating stress concentrations at bolt and nut heads.  Ultimately, more accurate stress results can be obtained in the simulation.  Additionally SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION 2020 now supports mixing both draft and high quality elements in a single mesh.  This can dramatically improve the speed of simulation studies and provide accurate results where desired.


What's New in SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION 2020 - Free Body Forces in NL Studies

SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION 2020 adds the ability to calculate free body forces at every time step for both non-linear static and dynamic studies.  Free body forces can come from contact, external loads, connectors, and restraints and are important information for design considerations when components go through large deformations and have non-linear material properties.  Having direct access to this information, over the full time period of the non-linear problem can save designers time in manual calculations or expensive prototypes.  

Tìm Hiểu Thêm Về SOLIDWORKS Simulation

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Top 10 New Features in SOLIDWORKS 2020: Simulation

Check out the top 10 new features in SOLIDWORKS® 2020: Simulation. From accelerated simulation calculations to Simulation Evaluator and distributed coupling for pins and bolts, learn how you can validate design more quickly and confidently.

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Datasheet

SOLIDWORKS® Simulation provides easy-to-use structural analysis capabilities, fully embedded within SOLIDWORKS, enabling you to accurately predict product performance so you can avoid costly overdesign and focus on innovation.

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With SOLIDWORKS® design, simulation, and technical communication solutions, CATAS has expanded its research, testing, and certification services to the wood and furniture industry, and now offers fast, cost-effective design analysis, documentation development, and sustainability assessment services.


SOLIDWORKS Simulation Failure Mode Analysis: Vibration

SolidWorks Simulation gives product engineers access to powerful analysis capabilities such as vibration for structural performance testing.


SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Nonlinear Analysis

Learn how you can analyze many different material models such as non-linear elastic, plastic, and hyper elastic, allowing you to accurately represent part behavior under many different conditions.


SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019: Designer to Analyst

Simulation is a critical part of the design process and the SOLIDWORKS suite of tools delivers the power Analysts and Engineers demand with ease of use designers need to achieve their goals.

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Accurate Design Simulation Improves Product Development

Creating innovative products requires insights into design performance, and design engineers who can predict design behavior are more efficient, innovative, and successful. Read the white paper to learn how SOLIDWORKS® Simulation 3D CAD integrated analysis solutions enable you to...

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Simulation Brings Higher-Quality Products to Market

As companies struggle with competitively differentiating their products and beating competitors to market, quick decisions within engineering have become increasingly critical to product success. Decisions made during the design process have a profound impact on three important factors for product success: speed of development, cost, and quality

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Bridge the Gap Between Your Design and Manufacturing Processes

Shorten cycle times. Lower costs. Improve quality. Bringing design and manufacturing together might just be single smartest decision you can make when it comes to streamlining your workflow. In the latest updated eBook series from SOLIDWORKS®, Integrating Design-to-Manufacturing Solutions, you'll learn more about the advantages to be gained by using better tools to integrate your teams and processes.

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Bring Your Design and Build Processes Closer Together

reat products start with great design, but even the most innovative ideas will fail if they can’t be manufactured efficiently. What’s required is a set of tools that enable design and manufacturing teams to work concurrently—so that potential manufacturability issues can be identified and resolved earlier in the process. Check out our newly updated Integrated Design-to-Manufacturing Solutions eBook series Chapter 2, and learn more about the benefits of a connected platform of design tools to streamline the handoff to manufacturing. 

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Simulate Design Durability in Complex Environments

Engineering successful, innovative products in today’s competitive environment requires simulation power. Companies need robust simulation tools to efficiently overcome time, budget, and quality demands.

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Validation Has Never Been So Simple

A truly great design is innovative, meets customer needs, and can be manufactured. This last step is often overlooked by many design teams. Download chapter 3 of our newly updated Integrated Design-to-Manufacturing Solutions eBook series to learn how SOLIDWORKS® solutions help ensure your manufacturing team has everything it needs to produce your designs right, the first time—every time. 

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Concurrent Engineering and Manufacturing

Better interaction between the design and manufacturing aspects of product development can bring greater efficiency to your process and spur innovation. This is no easy feat to achieve. In chapter 4 of our newly updated Integrating Design-to-Manufacturing eBook series, we outline how SOLIDWORKS® tools can help. 

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Turn Your Design Data into Engaging Content

Whether looking for initial approval for your concept, or creating final sales, marketing, and customer service content, you’ll want to present your ideas and products in the best way possible. With the associativity in SOLIDWORKS® solutions, you can create shop-floor and customer-facing content throughout the whole design process. Check out the final chapter in our newly updated Integrated Design–to-Manufacturing Solutions ebook series, to learn more about creating detailed and exciting content to sell and support your products.

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Research: SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 Validation

The purpose of this report is to present the accuracy of results provided by SOLIDWORKS® Simulation 2019 using the Structural Analysis Software Validation Guide published by AFNOR (Association Française de NORmalisation, French Standardization Association).

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Not Using 3D Simulation Software?

The right capabilities can vastly improve the quality of your designs and cut down on production time. Learn the best option that any designer, engineer, or analyst can use to fit their workflows.

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The World is Nonlinear

Computational analysis is the secret behind building must-have consumer electronics

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