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Tại sao chọn SOLIDWORKS VisualizE?

SOLIDWORKS Visualize cho phép bạn tận dụng dữ liệu CAD 3D của mình để tạo hình ảnh có độ phân giải cao một cách nhanh nhất và dễ dàng nhất - từ hình ảnh đến hoạt ảnh, nội dung web tương tác và Thực tế ảo phong phú. Đưa sản phẩm của bạn vào cuộc sống. SOLIDWORKS Visualize là “máy ảnh” cho dữ liệu CAD của bạn!

Các Tính Năng Của SOLIDWORKS Visualize

SOLIDWORKS Visualize is hardware-agnostic and can leverage one or many GPUs in a single machine or across a network, which dramatically increases rendering performance over CPU hardware. Utilizing NVIDIA® graphics card(s) for rendering is much faster than competitor CPU technology and helps to speed up your daily workflow, generating more content. This feature alone provides dramatic acceleration of the design and engineering process. SOLIDWORKS Visualize performs faster on all hardware, including entry-level laptops (using new Fast Render mode). SOLIDWORKS Visualize can also leverage emerging GPU technology from NVIDIA, such as the NVIDIA Quadro® VCA, for linear boosts in render speeds, resulting in a more efficient and productive 3D visualization experience.

In addition to leveraging one or many GPUs or CPUs, SOLIDWORKS Visualize can leverage both GPU and CPU simultaneously (Hybrid mode) in a single machine or across a network, which dramatically increases rendering performance. This render mode allows entry-level machines to have increased performance to generate content faster. 

sing NVIDIA’s Iray® render engine inside of SOLIDWORKS Visualize, you view a precise and physically correct representation of your CAD model, as if you had physically produced it. Lighting, materials, and form all come together realistically without sacrificing visual quality and not taking shortcuts to increase render speeds. Physically-based raytracing is more than just pretty pictures—it’s critical digital accuracy that shows what your design will look like in the real world. 

SOLIDWORKS Visualize lets you work like you would in a photo studio, moving the camera around your product easily “taking pictures” of your CAD data. The SOLIDWORKS Visualize user interface (UI), with integrated Viewport and lack of complex node-based materials, is designed for users who don’t have time to learn a complex new tool. The SOLIDWORKS Visualize UI can be further simplified to just five buttons at the bottom of the screen in Easy Mode. This mode is designed for users who have no 3D background and just need a simple visualization tool. Enjoy the new sub-tabs in the Palette, simplified Import and Render windows, and much more. You also can now select between a dark theme and light theme.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize imports over 25 different CAD file types, including common generic formats such as IGES, STEP, and OBJ. SOLIDWORKS Visualize outputs include JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, HDR, and PSD. 

Already been working on your Visualize file and need to import some design changes? As your design evolves, simply save over the existing file and Visualize will update only the parts that have been changed. Visualize will even remember if you changed the color and keep that change on the newly updated part. You can always re-link the file if the name changes or the location moves.

Split out parts, surfaces, and faces with this handy integrated Part Splitter. Easily separate geometry to apply a different material or texture. No need to go back to your CAD package to make this change. 

Add that extra touch of photorealism to your Visualize content with Depth of Field. This feature allows you to interactively select the point of focus by simply clicking on your model, and then adjust the amount of desired blur. You can even enter physical camera settings like F-Stop and Aperture. 

Use the new Visualize add-in for SOLIDWORKS CAD to easily bring your existing animations and motion studies to life in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional. CAD Live-Update works with these animations as well, so as your movements and keyframes change in SOLIDWORKS CAD, they will be updated in Visualize. 

Tell a deeper story with your CAD data using the full Animation suite in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional. Animate exploded views, part opacity, cameras, and much more with ease to create photo-quality videos to describe even the most complex projects.

This unique feature provides a 3D representation of how your camera or parts are moving throughout your scene while setting up an animation. The Animation Ribbon is colored to show the speed of moving objects, and shows the actual keyframes, making editing complex animations easy.

Create amazing Visualize content faster than ever before. SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost is a new add-on product to SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional that instantly increases render speeds and content productivity. Similar to a printer queue in your office, SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost allows SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional users to send jobs to other machine(s), freeing up your machine to keep using Visualize, CAD, or other demanding applications.

Browser-based Interactive Image and Panoramic 

Easily create interactive web content to drop into your website or spice up your internal presentations with these two eye-catching outputs. Make your CAD files come to life and create an emotional connection with your target audience. The Interactive Image stitches the desired number of still images together to create an interactive experience of tumbling your model. Panoramic outputs teleport you inside your CAD data for and interactive 360 experiences

Act like a professional photographer and add some “pop” to your Visualize content. No need to use post-production applications to adjust the exposure, brightness, color balance, contrast, and other frequently used settings. All this can be achieved directly inside Visualize Professional. You can also animate these camera filters!

Rapidly generate colorways, product variations, and other design choices using Configurations. Present in real time using Visualize and make important design and engineering decisions by flipping through your Configurations. You can even render all Configurations in a single click!

Render complex interior scenes faster than ever before using new Area Lights, which are also supported in Fast mode. These Area Lights produce picture-perfect shadows and render up to 8x faster than using traditional lights and Accurate mode. This new update also comes with an even easier way to interactively place your lights. No longer struggle manually setting up lights in your scene; now only a single click places the light exactly where you want it—allowing you to dial in the perfect shot.

Take advantage of the photorealism of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional to explore/review beautiful immersive images and animations at 1:1 scale. Easily set up your camera where you want to look around and click a single button in Visualize to create amazing VR content with 360 stereo images and even animations in VR! Support for any VR device, including HTC® Vive®, Oculus Rift™, Samsung® Gear VR, Google® Daydream, and Google Cardboard™.

Phiên Bản SOLIDWORKS Visualize Nào Sẽ Phù Hợp Với Bạn?

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard
Là cách nhanh nhất và dễ nhất để tạo ra hình ảnh chất lượng từ dữ liệu 3D, cắt giảm chi phí và tăng tốc thời gian ra thị trường với hình ảnh hấp dẫn.
đặt mua
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional
Cho phép bạn kể một câu chuyện sâu hơn với dữ liệu CAD của mình bằng cách tạo hình ảnh chất lượng, hoạt ảnh tương tác, quay 360 độ, Thực tế ảo nhập vai (VR) và hơn thế nữa. Giao tiếp các chi tiết thiết kế phức tạp nhất một cách dễ dàng và đánh bại đối thủ cạnh tranh của bạn để tiếp thị.
đặt mua

So Sánh Tính Năng Giữa Các Phiên Bản SOLIDWORKS Visualize

Bạn cần một so sánh chi tiết giữa các phiên bản SOLIDWORKS Visualize? 

Tìm hiểu thêm về SOLIDWORKS Visualize

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SOLIDWORKS Visualize Datasheet

SOLIDWORKS® Visualize enables anyone to create professional, photo-quality images, animations and other 3D  content  in  the  fastest  and  easiest  way  possible,  enabling  designers,  engineers  and  content  creators  to  enhance their 3D decision making experience. Users will design and market products with more impact by turning imagination into reality with SOLIDWORKS Visualize as the “camera” for their CAD data.


First Look: SOLIDWORKS Visualize

SOLIDWORKS® Visualize is a camera for your CAD data and helps leverage design work to create photographically true visualizations directly from your CAD model.


The Direct Benefits of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional

Ever wonder what the additional features are in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional? Do you need to queue up render jobs to be more productive during work hours, or want to animate an exploded view to show the inner workings of your innovative engineering or design solution?

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Better Communication through Better Visuals

In order for a great idea to become a great product, it first needs to be understood. SOLIDWORKS® Professional’s advanced imaging and animation capabilities make it possible to vividly bring ideas to life, helping customers and collaborators to quickly understand complex concepts so that your great ideas get the traction and buy in they need to move forward.

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The Benefits of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional

The features in SOLIDWORKS® Visualize Professional can help you create photo-quality content for internal design reviews and marketing campaigns faster and make decisions much earlier.

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Bring Your Design and Build Processes Closer Together

Great products start with great design, but even the most innovative ideas will fail if they can’t be manufactured efficiently. What’s required is a set of tools that enable design and manufacturing teams to work concurrently—so that potential manufacturability issues can be identified and resolved earlier in the process. Check out our newly updated Integrated Design-to-Manufacturing Solutions eBook series Chapter 2, and learn more about the benefits of a connected platform of design tools to streamline the handoff to manufacturing.   

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Bridge the Gap Between Your Design and Manufacturing Processes

Shorten cycle times. Lower costs. Improve quality. Bringing design and manufacturing together might just be single smartest decision you can make when it comes to streamlining your workflow. In the latest updated eBook series from SOLIDWORKS®, Integrating Design-to-Manufacturing Solutions, you'll learn more about the advantages to be gained by using better tools to integrate your teams and processes.

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Validation Has Never Been So Simple

A truly great design is innovative, meets customer needs, and can be manufactured. This last step is often overlooked by many design teams. Download chapter 3 of our newly updated Integrated Design-to-Manufacturing Solutions eBook series to learn how SOLIDWORKS® solutions help ensure your manufacturing team has everything it needs to produce your designs right, the first time—every time. 

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