Altium Designer 19
What’s New

Altium Designer 19 comes fully equipped with the most innovative, powerful, and intuitive PCB technologies available. Easily design superior quality electronics using multi-board capability, 3D modeling, enhanced HDI, routing automation, and much more!


Altium Designer 19

Easy, modern and now even more powerful


New Parts Search & Components Panels

Get immediate access to component libraries and parts availability from major providers, with the ability to place components directly from the panel.


Printed Electronics

Actualize layerless design concepts with the ability to print electronic circuits directly onto a substrate that becomes a part of the product.


MicroVia Support

Expertly model Uvias and HDI stackups on your board to accommodate high input/output densities of advanced component packages.

Design Efficiency Enhancements

Give your designs the efficiency they deserve with enhancements for high-speed and HDI designs, PCB documentation, multi-board assembly and more.


Real-Time BOM Management

Generate and build comprehensive BOM reports quickly and accurately with access to the latest supplier information and parts availability in ActiveBOM ®.


Advanced Layer Stack Manager

Easily define stackups and exploit comprehensive editing type functionality from the convenience of your layer stack management tool.


Multi-Board Modelling and Collaboration

Simplify object mating with a single point selection for each object with MCAD-like editing functionality, powered by a new 3D engine.


High-Quality Routing Automation

Complete and perfect your routes in a fraction of the time with new capabilities in ActiveRoute ® like the Move Component feature, Glossing Pushed Routes and Follow Mode.


Object-Level Pad & Thermal Connections

Use the powerful Properties panel to edit your Thermal Relief settings for one or multiple vias in a single edit action.


Refined Documentation Process

Utilize new, realistic board region views and create highly customizable fabrication and assembly drawings in Draftsman ®.


Explore the available licensing options for Altium Designer to meet your unique design needs.

Standalone license

Ideal for a single workstation and solo designer. The standalone license requires no active internet connection. Once activated, this license type can be saved, copied, and backed-up as needed.

Private license server

Easily share licenses inside your personal network with the Altium Private License Server. This license type is ideal for those who want the flexibility of accessing their licenses from multiple machines but are not able to connect to the Altium On-Demand license server.

On-demand license

Take the busywork out of your life and let us manage your licenses with the Altium On-Demand License Server. This license type is ideal for design teams looking for the greatest degree of flexibility when working from multiple machines with an active internet connection.

  • Flexible Use and Roaming
    Use your licenses how you want and where you want, even offline.

  • Customizable Groups
    Quickly allocate licenses and usage based on specific roles or business units within your organization.

  • Real-Time Reporting
    Easily optimize license usage for your team with real-time reporting and metrics.

Altium Designer Versions

Altium Designer

Provides unlimited access to Native 3D PCB design, front-end (SE) engineering design and manufacturing output capabilities.

Altium Designer SE

Provides access to a complete front-end schematic design capture and simulation solution for electronic design.

Altium Designer Viewer

Provides free viewing access to Altium Designer, allowing you to easily manage read-only access rights to design documentation.

Licensing Geographic Scope

Single Site

Licensed for use at a single site defined by your shipping address.


Licensed for use at multiple sites on a single continent (Americas, EMEA, and the Asia Pacific excluding China).


Licensed for use at multiple sites on multiple continents.

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