PCB Design Documentation with Draftsman

You are invited for a webinar on Draftsman Documentation with Altium Designer. Draftsman is a professional tool within Altium Designer that allows you to create complete PCB fabrication and assembly drawings. 

One of the key points that makes Draftsman so unique for our industry and such a powerful tool is that it was developed with both electrical and mechanical standards in mind. So users can do things like dimension, add graphics, and draw all within Draftsman. With Draftsman you’re able to create professional, clean documentation for your fabrication and assembly drawings.

Agenda for this webinar:
- What is Draftsman?
- Draftsman Enhancements
- Live Demonstration

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PCB Design Documentation with Draftsman
PCB GraphTech Vietnam Co., LTD, Nguyễn Ngọc Thanh 7 tháng 1, 2021
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